Many have a misconception that eating a bowl of salad is healthy and can help you to lose

weight. Well, not if the salad is loaded with fatty ingredients and is high on calorie. Also, many

people don’t know how to make a filling salad and lack essential nutrients.

Now there are several restaurants and cafes that serve Meilleur Salade Montreal and in other

locations that are healthy. But until you find someone who can serve you delicious healthy

salads that can help in your weight-loss journey, how about learning to make healthy salads on

your own.

Below we have listed out things that can help you make a super healthy salad and what not to do

with your salad that breaks the chain of calling it healthy. 

1.    Picking the best leafy greens

One thing you should keep in your mind while making a healthy bowl of salad is that the base

should have good leafy greens. And let us hit you with a hardcore fact that using potato or pasta

as the base for your salad is not healthy. Instead you can choose beans that are loaded with fibre

and protein.

Now, just because we say choosing leafy greens for your salad base doesn’t necessarily mean you

pick lettuce. While it’s okay to pick lettuce, there are other options available that are as healthy

and low calorie as lettuce.

Bulk up your salads with crunchy leafy greens like spinach, watercress, romaine and many other

healthy alternatives. Try to experiment and include more than just a lettuce to make a super

healthy bowl.

2.   Add colourful veggies

Now, next up is to add colourful vegetables to up the healthy nutrients in your salad. A perfect

bowl of healthy salad includes green leafy items and abundant amounts of colourful veggies.

A great range of colourful veggies not only looks appealing but also makes the best healthy salad.

They add a variety of flavours making them delicious. Some veggies that you can add to your

salads are radish, bell peppers, artichoke hearts, asparagus, sweet potato, broccoli and more.

You can never go overboard with veggies when it comes to making a healthy bowl of salad.

3.   Include some good fats

Well, making a healthy salad doesn’t mean getting rid of all the fats from the list of ingredients.

In fact, making a perfectly healthy salad requires you to add some good fat ingredients since fat

is one of the key nutrients that our body requires.

Make sure to add the good fats in moderate quantities as adding too much will again increase

the calorie content in your salad. Some of the good fats that you can include are nuts (walnuts,

almonds, cashews, etc.), avocado, olive oil (use it as dressing your salad) and more other


4.   Some proteins and herbs to up the healthy salad


A perfect healthy salad also includes some lean protein ingredients. Also, if you feel that every

time you make salad it isn’t exactly filling then this is because it lacks protein in it. Adding

protein to your salad makes it perfectly filling.

Choose some of the protein sources like chicken, tuna, lean steak, salmon and if you are vegan

then you can add quinoa, brown rice, barley, etc. Additionally, make your salad flavourful by

mixing some herbs.

After all, a healthy salad doesn’t mean it should be bland. Herbs will help you to make it tasty

and high on flavours. Use cilantro, basil, thyme, chives, dill and more other herb mix to make it


5.   Avoid store bought salad dressings

 One of the major mistakes that most of us do is add the store-bought dressing to the salad. Most

of these dressing are high on calories that do nothing good for your salad. So, make sure to avoid

them at all cost.

Also, you’ll notice that you won’t even need to add dressing to your salad if it is loaded with the

above-mentioned ingredients in the first place. The flavours from different healthy ingredients

will be the perfect mix to make your salad healthy and tasty. You’ll have the Meilleur Salade

Montreal or in any other location if you follow this list.

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