BIG C IPL predict the trophy winner contest - 10 Air Coolers

Famous south indian mobile retailer BIGC mobiles come up with exciting contest in this summer to cool our summer with singer air coolers. All you have to do is scan thier QR code and submit details with n't easy?

 It is great opportunity to win awesome price in this IPL season from BIG C Mobiles. Apart from grand prize they also have regular daily contest to win awesome prizes.
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What is crypto currency and how to invest in it in India?

Crypto currency is a virtual currency that is equal to physical currency in many countries where crypto is authorized by their regulatory bodies and legal. It works on Block Chain technology which more powerful and secured and nonhuman intervention network. Under block chain technology buy and sell happen with in fraction of seconds and accounts will set off without any delay with powerful servers.

Countries, where crypto is legal, are Denmark, France, Germany , Iceland, Japan , Mexico , Spain , the UK, Australia,  European Union , Unite States, Canada. As per news from various famous news channels India going to ban all private cryptocurrencies. Indian government still has not announced a clear decision on crypto currency ban in India.

Crypto is booming as same as other business. Cryptocurrency platforms comes into the market and allow investors to buy and sell crypto currency. The GOVT will move a bill to setting up rules for Crypto aimed at remove private coin while providing a platform for the creation of an official digital currency to be issued by the RBI.

Platforms Available to buy and sell crypto in India: 

1)Wazirx : A great platform with full multifactor authentication security to buy and sell cryptocurrency. 

2)Bitbns : It is also a new and fast-growing platform to invest safely.

3)CoinDCX : It is also a safe and easy user interface platform for any once can invest. It has 1+ Crore investors.

The above three are the top platform now in India to buy and sell crypto currencies.

How to generate leads for your business using paid digital campaign?

Generate leads using organic media is a tough task hence many companies and individuals depend on paid campaigns to generate leads. There are different platforms available in the market to reach our target audience in the digital world. Following are the best platforms to reach the target audience.

1)Facebook and Instagram lead generation campaign 
2)Google ads lead campaigns through lead forms 
3)LinkedIn sales navigator 

Facebook Lead Campaign: Facebook leads are the best leads that more likely to convert and give more return on investment. We can reach the exact audience who has an interest in our business through targeting options.

Requirements: Facebook account and Facebook ad manager account

1)Go to Facebook ads manager and create a new campaign

2)Select Lead Generation as the campaign objective

3)After setting up the campaign click on next and moved ad group level to the next step. Choose instant forms as an option.

4)In the next ad level, create a form and give the required details and submit it along with the campaign

Once the campaign is set up and it goes to Facebook review. After a successful review, you will start getting leads from the campaign. One can download leads from the lead center from the respective Facebook page ad center tab.

Google ads Lead campaign: Google leads campaign provides a form to generate leads through in-house forms from various campaign types like search, display, and other campaigns.

1)Create a new campaign

2)Choose a goal as a leads

3)In this process of setting up a campaign, you will get the option to create lead form extensions. Choose lead form extension and create your new form with name, description, and other required fields.

4)It is added as an extension to that campaign and automatically collects leads. We can export leads to our own CRM or download them as a CSV file by going to the extensions option in the left bar in google ads manager.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator: This platform is more useful for B2B type businesses to collect the contacts of other business key decision-makers.

5 Things To Do For Making Your Salad Healthy

 Many have a misconception that eating a bowl of salad is healthy and can help you to lose

weight. Well, not if the salad is loaded with fatty ingredients and is high on calorie. Also, many

people don’t know how to make a filling salad and lack essential nutrients.

Now there are several restaurants and cafes that serve Meilleur Salade Montreal and in other

locations that are healthy. But until you find someone who can serve you delicious healthy

salads that can help in your weight-loss journey, how about learning to make healthy salads on

your own.

Below we have listed out things that can help you make a super healthy salad and what not to do

with your salad that breaks the chain of calling it healthy. 

1.    Picking the best leafy greens

One thing you should keep in your mind while making a healthy bowl of salad is that the base

should have good leafy greens. And let us hit you with a hardcore fact that using potato or pasta

as the base for your salad is not healthy. Instead you can choose beans that are loaded with fibre

and protein.

Now, just because we say choosing leafy greens for your salad base doesn’t necessarily mean you

pick lettuce. While it’s okay to pick lettuce, there are other options available that are as healthy

and low calorie as lettuce.

Bulk up your salads with crunchy leafy greens like spinach, watercress, romaine and many other

healthy alternatives. Try to experiment and include more than just a lettuce to make a super

healthy bowl.

2.   Add colourful veggies

Now, next up is to add colourful vegetables to up the healthy nutrients in your salad. A perfect

bowl of healthy salad includes green leafy items and abundant amounts of colourful veggies.

A great range of colourful veggies not only looks appealing but also makes the best healthy salad.

They add a variety of flavours making them delicious. Some veggies that you can add to your

salads are radish, bell peppers, artichoke hearts, asparagus, sweet potato, broccoli and more.

You can never go overboard with veggies when it comes to making a healthy bowl of salad.

3.   Include some good fats

Well, making a healthy salad doesn’t mean getting rid of all the fats from the list of ingredients.

In fact, making a perfectly healthy salad requires you to add some good fat ingredients since fat

is one of the key nutrients that our body requires.

Make sure to add the good fats in moderate quantities as adding too much will again increase

the calorie content in your salad. Some of the good fats that you can include are nuts (walnuts,

almonds, cashews, etc.), avocado, olive oil (use it as dressing your salad) and more other


4.   Some proteins and herbs to up the healthy salad


A perfect healthy salad also includes some lean protein ingredients. Also, if you feel that every

time you make salad it isn’t exactly filling then this is because it lacks protein in it. Adding

protein to your salad makes it perfectly filling.

Choose some of the protein sources like chicken, tuna, lean steak, salmon and if you are vegan

then you can add quinoa, brown rice, barley, etc. Additionally, make your salad flavourful by

mixing some herbs.

After all, a healthy salad doesn’t mean it should be bland. Herbs will help you to make it tasty

and high on flavours. Use cilantro, basil, thyme, chives, dill and more other herb mix to make it


5.   Avoid store bought salad dressings

 One of the major mistakes that most of us do is add the store-bought dressing to the salad. Most

of these dressing are high on calories that do nothing good for your salad. So, make sure to avoid

them at all cost.

Also, you’ll notice that you won’t even need to add dressing to your salad if it is loaded with the

above-mentioned ingredients in the first place. The flavours from different healthy ingredients

will be the perfect mix to make your salad healthy and tasty. You’ll have the Meilleur Salade

Montreal or in any other location if you follow this list.

Importance Of Event Management Software In Events

An event management software facilitates businesses automate the process of planning, organizing, marketing and analysis.

Difference between event marketing and event promotion?
Event marketing is the promotion of a product, brand, or service through events where as event promotion is marketing the events to encourage the people to register and attend the event.

These software’s facilitates:
  • Event registration
  • Ticketing
  • Onsite operations management
  • Speaker/Sponsor on boarding
  • Attendee rewards
  • Inbuilt CRM
  • Seat allocations
  • Polls & Surveys

Attendee management
Registration management
Venue management
Event analytics and reporting
Event marketing
On-site management
Session management

Big data analytics and artificial intelligence makes Event organizers go beyond the process to provide a magical event attendee experience. Big data analytics allows businesses to aggregate and study this data, Artificial intelligence retrieve the results from analyzed data they can serve up customized content to users.

Linqq - The Professional Networking App Review

We saw Linked in and other networking apps but this time I will bring you a new app "Linqq" which helps to connect other professionals in our industry.
        I can say "Linqq" app is very easy to use and user friendly because of it's features.main attractive features of this app is "swipe to connect" , "simple chat box" , "Filtering of profiles " and other.

Swipe to connect:You can connect various profiles by simple swipe.This is very good features for  app users.

Simple chat box : Instant chat with the people who already connect with you.It is very simple and user friendly chat interface

Filter Profiles :   One can find relevant professionals by using various filter option like                 profession,interest and age etc....

Profile :Find you profile information and other settings in "MENU"option provided in the App.

Conclusion: After using all the features i am giving 4.5 rating out of 5 and I also suggest to use this app for increase your network in the industry 

                                                           Download from here 


Top tips to make your next event success

 Event organizers always wants to make their event success

  1.    Outreach the customers using correct media either through digital or print media 
      2.    Use simple and easy tools to purchase and sell tickets 

      3.    Create email campaign to all existing community 

      4.    Create post event survey questions to grab the feedback from event attendees to make success

There are many tools to conduct event survey 

Social media: Making social media poll to collect feedback.
Online Tool:Select perfect survey tool to grab the attendees opinion.
Email campaigns:Send bulk email campaigns to all your existing customers.

Event Management tools are better way to manage all these activities in more effective way.  

Win one year full subscription of all adobe creative cloud apps

For designers, this is great chance to win 1 year adobe apps worth $500 

free adobe software contest

  • Softonic one of the biggest software resource website offering great chance to win a adobe creative cloud app.This is definitely big opportunity for designers,so don't miss it.One lucky winner will win a complete subscription to all Adobe Creative Cloud apps for a whole year

  •  Not only for designers this is also exclusive chance for  artist, photographer, designer, movie maker, or creative thinker. This is your chance to get your hands on industry-leading technology.

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Asus VivoBook S - A notebook for stylistars & Performers #BeyondTheEdge #AsusIndia

   ASUS VivoBook S 


Disha patani  with asus notebook

Always desired of a sleek, slim, light weight, convertible yet powerful to the core laptop, Asus makes your dream come true, by presenting VivoBook S. This latest beauty is yet another successful series from the Asus VivoBook known for the value and performance from the Taiwanese computer creator - ASUS.

The very first time your eyes fall on its amazing latest addition, the Icicle golden color takes your heart away, and can’t resist to feel the super quality finish giving it a premium look. Your hands would not stop to lift this 1.5 kgs, sleek laptop

 Nano-Edge Bezel

Asus VivoBook S with Windows 10, sticks to its tag line ‘Beyond the Edge’ with 7.9mm thick edges, also called as NanoEdge Bezel gives a higher screen to body ratio of 80%. The Non-Reflective display screen comes with 178 degree wide-view technology with full HD (1920x1080) pixel for superior clarity clear visibility when viewed at sharp angles, to help group viewing. 

The 700:1 contrast radio helps for great display of the high resolution photographs. The added feature of Asus VivoBook S15, S14 have Asus Tru2Life Video technology, that increases the contrast and sharpness in each and every video frame and gives a smooth playback.

The display has user friendly display modes that can be easily switched from Eye care, Vivid , Normal or Manual mode. The blue light emission is reduced by 30% when opted for the eye care mode. In the manual mode, the color can be adjusted manually, as per the need, especially for the professional photographers.

Asus VivoBook S Laptops have two side firing speakers, which has the Asus SonicMaster audio technology, giving the maximum sound output. The inbuilt Asus AudioWizard software gives 5 presets catering to the music, movie, recording gaming and speed.


When the Asus VivoBook is closed, the aluminum alloy lid protects the display screen, from any damage, comes with a plastic base, which matches with the lid. The Chiclet styled keyboard has well separated keys has ergonomic back light, to enable the user to use the keyboard in any kind of lighting environment. The advantage is that the characters markings have the backlight making it easier to trace and use the keyboard.

Asus VivoBook S comes with extra security with the touchpad which has built-in fingerprint. With Windows Hello, all it takes is a single touch to log in and unlock the notebook and is not necessary to key in the password every single time.


This latest addition to Asus is powered with Generation quad-core Intel Core i7-8550U and i5-8250U  processor with up to 16GB DDR4 2133Hz memory and has NVIDIA® GeForce® MX150 graphics. In addition it has a dual storage of 1 TB hard disk drive (HDD), which increases the storage space to store multimedia files, music, movies. The 128 GB solid-state drive (SSD) is installed for faster booting and applications uploading.

If you are looking for transferring a movie Asus VivoBook S15 comes with reversible Type-C (USB-C) port making it easier to connect with external devices, making data transfer super faster with USB 3.1 Gen 1. This laptop also comes with dual-band 2×2 802.11ac Wi-Fi accommodates data speed which is 6 times faster in comparison to the previous standard of 802.11n.

This lightweight beauty has 3 USB ports accommodating one USB 3.0 port and  two USB 2.0 ports. There is provision in this laptop for the HDMI port and comes with Bluetooth®4.2 which provides easy connectivity to the television and projectors. The SD card reader is perfect for viewing of the photographs and videos from the cameras.

There is the 3.5mm audio jack, which enables the Asus VivoBook S15 to connect any premium headphones for maximum quality output.


With Lithium Polymer Battery, Asus VivoBook S15, has a battery life of up to 8 hours and the life span is 3 times longer when compared to the standard Lithium-ion cylinder battery in VivoBook S14. However ASUS Battery Health Charging Technology, extends the battery lifespan, while decreasing the battery expansion rate which in turn helps the battery to stay in good condition. This technology also gives a benefit of charging the battery faster to 60% in just 49 minutes.

 If the laptop is continuously plugged in causing the battery to stay put charging at 98% to 100%, the battery will expand and  impact the lifespan. Asus VivoBook S15 has imbibed two technologies to prevent this problem.

  • Asus has used the SuperBattery, a special battery preservation technology, which increases the battery life span 3 times, compared to the standard battery, and this is achieved by limiting the maximum charge. The SuperBattery gets 900 charge cycles when compared to the popular notebook batteries, promptly charging from 0 to 60% of its capacity in 49 minutes.The battery’s operational life is increased in Asus VivoBookwith the Asus Battery Health Charging Application, where the Relative State of Charge (RSOC) can be set manually to 60%, 80% or 100%.

This product is ideal for professionals who travel a lot, look for faster charging, use in difficult lighting condition.

IvyPanda Launched a $1500 video scholarship content

                    Student Video Contest- Win Scholarship 

shooting video

  • Shoot a video on following topics ---

  1. How to Overcome Loss Of Study Motivation
  2. How to Maintain a Good Study-Life Balance
  3. Your Tips And Tricks To Reduce Homesickness 
  • No video should be set to public access before the Contest.

  • Subscribe to the IvyPanda YouTube channel; like and share the Contest video-descriptionon Google+, Twitter, or Facebook; and take a screenshot.Screenshots proving your subscription and video share must be sent along with your application.

  • Send us an email at OR message us on Facebook with:
    • The direct link to your uploaded video
    • The screenshot of your subscription to IvyPanda’s Youtube channel
    • The screenshot of the Contest video-description shared on social media
  • Applications will be accepted from May 15, 2018, 12:00 AM EST to June 15, 2018, 12:00 AM EST.
To know more about this contest here

Top Crowdfunding Platforms


GoFundme helps to raise money for a charitable trust and nonprofit able organizations. Though it is popular, it is very costly to invite individuals on a one-on-one basis. The Procedure has to be widened in order for it to be more effectual and this is also highly unsafe for inexperienced fundraisers.


iSignFund is very popular and known to many people and won’t question the authenticity of a fundraiser, which might happen in other unknown Crowd funding sites. It is very easy for an individual to create a personalized campaign where pictures and updates can be uploaded. iSignFund does not charge any money for conducting free online surveys to raise contributions. iSignFund sends their donors online surveys and asks for feedback and thoughts which gives us useful information on the reason behind their Donation. Our entire fundraising team involves in working hard to carry out all the activities which are required to respond properly to all the donors.
iSignFund is Free "0%" Platform Fee. Compare to our competitors at 5%. It is a unique Petition + Fundraising platform that pay you and your friends for helping others to fundraise for personal, Charity and business needs. Rewards up to $500 in total for both referrer n fundraiser for EACH successful fundraising. Please share your link after Register in IsignFund. IsignFund also has more incentives even in BITCOIN world. So don't miss on registering.


Indiegogo provides you with a widespread network for fundraising movement, and you will also be able to receive useful feedback from large foundations which will study your charitable requests, but it proved unsuccessful to influence many people.


Kickstarter allows you to generate and handle fundraisers for nonprofits of any range and individuals and is also one of the source for raising money for charities. But funding which you receive from them is usually a lot smaller.


FunderHut accepts fundraisers for nonprofits as well as individual causes. It works on mobile devices and computers to make statistics simple to understand who’s is donating how much. But asks for the authenticity of a fundraiser and it is very difficult to conduct survey in this.


Change helps to create online petition is a straightforward and influential method for your present or prospective supporters to understand your goals in a better way. Online petition is not safe all the times.

Scholarship from Google for developers in India


                        Scholarship for Developers in India 

Women Web Developer

Are you web developer or Android developer? 

It is right place and right time and right place to get skilled by Google and also eligible for Google scholarship.


  • You need to be at least 18 years old and live in India
  • You'll begin by choosing your learning path, either Web Developer or Android Developer
  • They 'll place you in one of two tracks, depending on your existing skills and experience, either Beginner or Intermediate. After that, the learning begins! Finally, top students from each track will earn full scholarships to one of the Android or Web Development Nanodegree programs.
  • Applications close on January 10, 2018

Apply now 


 Don't miss this exciting chance to get trained by google . All the best.


Good opportunity to win bitcoins and ethereum

Good opportunity to win bitcoins and ethereum

                  Win bitcoins and Ethereum 

Don’t miss this chance to win bitcoins and ethereum coins in bitcoin wallet contest.It is really golden opportunity to those who like crypto currency and its investments.


Follow below steps to win this contest

1.Register yourself using name and email adresss.
2.Confirm your participation by clicking confirmation mail.
3.Share your referral links to your friends and earn points and be a top on the leaderboard.

That’s it.

What is bitcoin and crypto currency 

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Raise your funds from isignfund

Join isignfund today and raise funds for your cause 

isignfund is a unique Crowdfunding platform for all your needs. You can raise a petition and better yet fund it to support the expenses. Invite Organizations to show their support with social and reporting tools. Create Personal, Animal support, Medical bills, Business crowd funding with and without rewards. You can create a Survey or Quiz and send to your audience at no cost up to 200 responses.

Your Fundraising platform that pay you and your friends back for helping others to raise funds for personal and emergency needs. We pay up to 3% in total for both referrer n fundraiser for referrals.
Register today using below link and help us to help you more.

isignfund refferal campaign

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Please share your link after registering. They have new and exciting things coming up for more incentives even in Bitcoin world. So don't miss on registering.

Article on PERFOCOIN ICO is featured in ICOCROWD Magazine. Owner of the company siva vangala is a strong believer of CryptoCurrency and would like to utilize his teams experience in HR Recruitment and Crowd Funding space to be utilized as reward based system using tokens.He is busy in making our new product #isignfund a success. He will be launching our ICO in early January.

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Kedarkantha trek-one should never miss

Kedarkantha is a trekker’s paradise  in Western Garhwali in the Uttarakashi district and height of 3810 meters which is about 12,500 feet which covers a distance of 20 km. It is medium level and ideal trekking place.
Pic credits-Google

Kedarkantha trek is one in my bucket list. Winter season is the perfect time to go for this trip. Mountains cover with full of snow and we even get snow fall during the trek in winter season. It is perfect place for those who love snow and adventure.

Kedarkantha trekking is always a pleasure due to its magnificent beauty and natural views that cannot be compare with any other destinations within the country. Truly nature at its best. Beautiful landscape with lovely lakes, tranquil rivers, mountains and rising Himalayan peaks makes trekking journey more adventurous and challenging. It is superb place for those who love skiing, photography. Skiing is not easy sport but constant practice makes it easy. Rivers water is crystal clear and beautifully as the forests on their shores were standing as the protectors. It is also perfect place for photographers to capture the beauty of nature. I think everyone should plan at least a trip to this marvelous site in lifetime.

It is perfect mixture of adventure, beauty. While trekking we can experience all above mentioned activities. It is neither very difficult which enables even the beginners to set on the adventure and enjoy the beauty of nature at its best. One should take care himself from snow. Huge and thick layer of snow may cause problems while trekking, so one should be prepare for all hurdles and able to jog before committing for the trekking. Apart from various activities, Local food makes you feel so spicy and hot during chilly winter season.

In a whole the trekking tour gives us refreshing and heart filled pleasure which makes the destination so attractive to millions of visitors throughout the year.

Must carrying things:
Tents of good quality, blankets, extra bed sheets, jackets, head masks and sweaters along with other regular trekking shoes, poles, heaters etc..

Make your kedarakantha tour happy and safe with certified Bikat adventure trek leaders and guiders