1.5 minutes RemainingTwo coffees, no sugar.What’s up guys?Welcome back to the vlog.This is the exact same location where,Last time in 2019 we started our vlog from here andtoday in 2023 also we are starting our vlog from here.It’s 10:50 am, we landed at 10.30 am,picked up the car from the airport and now we’re going to Sriharikota,which is 3 hours away from here.Let’s see, if the journey speed is right on the way then we’ll stop and have a cup of tea.So, I asked my dad if he remembers the last one or not,he even remembers the exact date.It’s been 4 years, dad says.- On 22th July, 2019. It’s 12:30 pm and we have a launch at 2:30 pm.Our plan is to reach there by 2 pm so that we can settle better.Last time we reached exactly 5 minutes before the time.As soon as we sit..- Take this one.- Thank you.I had tea, but my heart is not satisfied.- Anna- Two more.Without sugar.Thank you, Anna.- You are going to Sriharikota?For the launch?Evening coming.So, dad there are two types of fuels in a rocket.One is a solid fuel and the other is a liquid fuel.- You know, what is the difference?- No, i don’t know.- Liquid fuel as we drank tea.So our liquid fuel is done already.- Okay – Haha..Shiven has come from Chennai,but unfortunately, very few passes have been issued this time.- YesBooked too shortly and too early.Will try to see from outside.Let’s meet there.- Did you go to watch Chandrayaan 2?- No.Do you know the difference between chandrayaan 2 and 3?- Ummm,I think this time Orbiter,won’t be launched – yesAnd Lander and Rover are launching this time.Guys, India’s Chandrayaan-2 mission, was not able to land to the surface of the moon after getting very close to it. So, now we are sending Chandrayaan-3.But what is the difference between Chandrayaan-2 and Chandrayaan-3?With Chandrayaan-2, an orbiter was also sent which is still functioning perfectlyThat’s why there is no need to send that orbiter in Chandrayaan-3.Now, if the orbiter is not going, then we have more space to send more stuff.So, the scientists have decided that,the landing rover of Chandrayaan-3,it’s landing gear will be made strongerand it will have a special quality that it can change its landing spot till the last minute.From right here is to Sriharikota,I have seen a lot of cars today.- How many kilometers from here?It’s 37 minutes, 24 kilometers.You Last time we came on the same road.We thought there was a lake on the side because it was raining heavily.-When my father and I came, there was no one, – Yes, we were going alonethis road was completely lonely and quiet.All the cars are moving forward.Now, there is a little water- Last time it felt like we were going in the middle of the sea.This time it’s better, clouds are not that much.Last time when it launched, in 10 seconds it went into the cloudsAnd then there was only sound.Didn’t show up again after that.- Did you start seeing from here?- On the right side, – where the poles are?- Hmm..- Where these four poles are fixed – Yes these four poles are fixed- Yeah, this is.There’s a college bus, Loyla college.This time proper family bus has comed withFamily, kids.- It’s showing red.- Oh my god.- The bus is full of kids.There’s so much crowd, last time in 2019 there was no crowdThis year there’s so much crowdI think if they sell ticket for 100-150 rupeesWe’ll have our budget.Anna, going for launch?Rocket launch?Do you have a ticket?- No ticket – No ticketDad, what’s the time?There was a lot of crowd.And on the way there was a complete traffic of vehicles on the road,We thought we’d have to watch this launch from the road.Everyone is sitting. Let’s go, let’s go.Scooters are the best.These people are on foot Will reach, but We’ll keep sitting like this.Dad, we can’t reach today. It’s looking difficult.- No.It’s liker a village fair. Everyone has come today.If they sell a ticket, they will get all the money for Chandrayaan 3.They will collect more.Send two tickets. So many people have come to see.There’s so much crowd here.ISRO is thinking aboutwhen Chandrayaan 4 launches, they should run the metro from outside.Because there’s a lot of crowd.Everyone is getting off and going by walking.We thought we might miss our launch.So dad says, son, you get off on foot.I’ll take the car and meet you somewhere.I said, dad, there’s no signal. If we get lost, we won’t find eachotherHe said, last year we saw it together.Whatever happens this year, we’ll do it together.Everyone is getting off.There wasn’t so much crowd in 2019.How many cars are there? Continuous?So many people have come. Buses are full.It feels like a politician’s rally.Oh dad, they closed the gate.What a timing!We will stuck here it too.Hi! Hi! Hi!It’s 2.15 and launch is at 2.35.But when the launch happens,and after that, the ruckus,and after that when Bharat Mata Ki Jai and Vande Mataram are shouted, it makes the atmosphere. Tell me one thing, it stays in orbit for so many days,- So from where he got his fuel?The two big engines on the side aresolid fuel enginesand the one in the middle is the liquid stage.In the start, for the first 2 minutes the liquid stage and solid stageburn together because at this time, the rocket is the heaviest.It is a 640 ton rocket when it just lifts off andto lift such a heavy rocket, a huge amount of power is requiredTo take any rocket into space, the minimum speed you have to achieve is 28000 km per hour i.e.11.2 to 11.5 km per secondThis is so fast that if your flight from Delhi to Chennaigetting to you in 2.5 hours Then this rocket will take you there in just 3.5 minutes.After that, you go to the cryogenic stage and the topmoststage is the payloadOh, his car is stuck.Look at this,moon also has such soil.If Ritu had come here in a pilot uniform, she will say I have to driveWhich school are you guys from?They have come from Kolkata.There’s a crowd over there. Gate closed ? uh..Oh God!This guy is right, got out of here.Dad, I am here. I won’t be able to get out of here.Should we try?Hold the bag.How do I get out of it?Bro you got out of it.I won’t get out.Oh Freind.We got saved! I was getting stuck!I was going this way and he was going that way.Oh, people ran away!The people ran away!I’ll have to run. Give me the bag.This guy is worried about the photo.Let’s run first! We’ll get the photo later.Run! Run! Run!5 minutes to go! Let’s go!Only 5 minutes, 5 minutes only. Let’s go, let’s go.Thank you sir, thank you.Let’s go.It’s newly build.Look at this, This is our…Come on kids, first you have to give the fitness test and then you will be getting to watch Chandrayaan.There’s more up there?It’s completely full up there.Is it launched?[ CHEERINGS ]Ohh man.It’s so much crowd.- Dad, there is the launch side.The Launch side is over there.There- Yes, Yes this is the place where the four pillars are.Say, IISRO..Bharat Mata KiJAI..6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.Wow..2 tons of fuel is being burnt in a second.We are standing here from a long.How was the experience?- Nice.Did you like the launch?- GoodThis is our rover,This is the lander, it will do soft landingIts mission is 14 Earth daysBut it will be 1 day of Moon.Do you work here?- I have a questionIf the moon comes out at night, then the rocket should also launch at night.- No sir, it is depend on the orbital placeWe have to calculate according to the orbit we want to enterMany of you may think that the rocket will take off from the earthAnd will follow a straight line and go to the moon.Because a straight line is a short distance isn’t it?Even I used to think soBut it doesn’t happenDo you remember when Chandrayaan 2 was launched?We made a vlog on 22 July 2019And its landing date was on the moon 2nd September 2019That means it took 42 daysTo reach the moon from the earth.Whereas Apollo 11In which Neil ArmstrongThe first man to land on the moon.He reached the moon from the earthIn just 4 daysWhy? Because ISRO does not send rockets directly from the earth to the moonWe send our satellites to the moonIn a very cost effective waySo, what does India’s ISRO do?It launches a rocketAnd parks its satellite on the earthIn a parking orbitWe do a lot of tests thereAnd slowly turn on the engineAnd increase the radius of that parking orbit.This parking orbit is an elliptical orbitWhich passes through one corner of the earthbut passes to far past the other corner.We use the gravitational force of the earthTo increase its speed.Its elliptical orbit becomes so bigAnd it reaches far away from the earth.Then we turn on its engine on final timeAnd send it near the gravitational force of the moon.So, that it reaches the elliptical orbit of the moon.And then we fire that engine in the reverse directionAnd keep reducing the elliptical orbit.And one final time we do it.So, he can land on the moon.So, our rocket revolves around the earth for 29 days.And then itAfter that it revolves around the moon and then lands on the moonThat is why Chandrayaan 2 tooks 42 days to reach there.Dad is saying,Chandrayaan left here his wheel, how he wii go.What is the difference between you in 2019 and 2023? Last time i think it wasso vibration,that the whole earth was shaken,I mean, my stomach, my eyes, I felt it.It was shaking like an earthquake.This time it went up a lot, then I felt the vibration.It wasn’t that much? – Not that muchNormal launches also you see or only?Yes, PSLV also. You see PSLV also? 2.35 was the launch, now it’s 2.50.I think it has gone out of earth.Andhra Pradesh. A lot of people have come from Andhra Pradesh.All the buses are from Andhra Pradesh.What’s the difference between Gen 2 and Gen 3, kids?Who’s going to tell me?He has also a rocket RobertWhat’s in it? Who’s Robert?Robot. What’s the name of the robot?What is the name of the robot?Chitti?HaHaHa..

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