Abu Dhabi places to visit & experiences in my bucket list are….

1.Al mahara diving center:

For those who love adventures, Al mahara is perfect place for dive into the water and explore   amazing underwater species. There are plenty of fishes that are shy in front of camera during the day but they love to come out to play during night time.

2.Turbo track Roller Coaster experience in 

Ferrari world :

Most Anticipated Turbo track was recently launched by Ferrari world . It is one of the best experience which is completely heart pounding. It is adrenaline activity that brings excitement  of a unique thrill ride.

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3.Helipad Sunset supper on St Regis Roof Top:

Join extravagance and excite to appreciate an immaculate helipad dusk dinner. Devour eyes on wonderful perspectives, taste buds on heavenly sustenance and ear on offbeat music. Doesn’t that sound like an ideal mix for an important night.It will be sufficiently fortunate to witness the sorcerer of the night city horizon with Helipad Sunset Supper.Additionally,the background of corniche and the highlights of the surroundings will be on vision. The essence of world class culinary and the dusk perspectives will pour more sweetness for this unmistakable experience.

Abu Dhabi Helipad

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4.Land Sailing in Liwa Desert At the Qasr Al Sarab Resort:

Sailing is Unique experience that we can get only in Abu Dhabi.It is a Sport That Utilizing the energy of wind,a Sail fixed up to a three wheeler-like bike will give a chance to move over the sand easily.

Abu dhabi Desert

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5:Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner:

Leave the bright lights of Abu Dhabi behind and wander out to a bona fide Desert camp for a night of nourishment and customary amusement.An exciting dusk drive over the approaching sand hills, sink into camp for a delectable grill supper, henna painting, and Belly Dancing.Watch the nightfall past the towering ridges, with rich hues adorning the sky,the smells of which entice taste buds as the feast is newly arranged. Respect the entrancing moves of nearby paunch artists as they move musically to the music while unwind under the splendid stars of the Arabian sky.

Desert Safari

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As per my best Knowledge and reading,I would like to experience and also suggest to readers of my blog.

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