Sanjeevaiah Park Tour and Kayaking at Hyderabad

Face your Fears. Furthermore, what could be more fearsome than some audacious water sports for a man who does not know how to swim.

The arranging began the prior night. I had booked this adventure activity through Frogo(now it is I had intended to begin around 2.00 to achieve the place by 3.00. In any case, since there was an sunset errand that I needed to do, I began around 2:00. Completed the errand and was enroute to Hussain Sagar.Caught my bus but  winter evening in the long Christmas end of the week at Hyderabad is sheer delight. The populace in this city includes numerous IT transients. In this manner, you can make sure that on a long end of the week, half of the city has gone out some place. This in certainty is a help to the individuals who remain back. On such a day, one can at long last perceive how wide the streets in Hyderabad are. There is no infringement of streets by any sellers or people on foot or stationary vehicles. You can drive in peace in the top rigging, with no commotion or smoke in your face. The cool climate is a special reward.
Sanjeevaiah park-hyderabad


Sanjeevaiah park-Hussain sagar-hyderabad
Sanjeevaiah park-Hussain sagar-hyderabad
The Hussain Sagar lake, a simulated lake in the focal point of Hyderabad was worked in 1562. It is spread over a region of 5.7 square kilometers and is nourished by River Musi. There is a lovely lane called the neckband street that which associates NTR Gardens to Sanjeevaiah Park. There are numerous open green spaces, wonderful yards, parks, eateries and entertainment offices and great perspectives of the city of Hyderabad that line up along this avenue. These are a portion of the pride of Hyderabad.


My goal was Sanjeevaiah stop, which is one such stops devoted to Damodaram Sanjivayya, a previous Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. I traveled along the accessory street and achieved my goal. I went inside the recreation center. Based on 92 sections of land (37 ha) along the banks of Hussain Sagar lake, Sanjeevaiah stop won the Best Open Landscape Award amid the 2010 Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage grant introductions. there was a strangely sharp chillness noticeable all around. There were few individuals going in and leaving the recreation center. They were evening walkers and the individuals who needed to do some activity in the natural air. The twittering of the feathered creatures could be heard everywhere.


There is something tranquil and serene about Old stops, that I adore. I think parks resemble wine. The more seasoned they are, the more curated they are, the better they are. New stops by one means or another don’t have the elegance and peacefulness of the old, all around looked after ones. Sanjeevaiah stop is one such stop that has a beauty and appeal of its own.
The main thing that strikes you when you enter the recreation center is the greenery. There are tall trees which line up the walk way. At that point there is a smooth covering of perfect and uncluttered green grass towards your side and beds of beautiful blooms orchestrated conveniently out yonder. The evening sun vibe was spreading its brilliant light everywhere throughout the recreation center and one could feel the warming impact of the dappled light between trees against the chill air. The
sunset light rendered a brilliant yellow tone on the green grass and the trees.I felt better that we have such an excellent stop here in Hyderabad. Furthermore, I was likewise embarrassed that subsequent to having spent just about 10 winters in Hyderabad, I had never gone by this place before.
Sanjeevaiah park-Hyderabad-Hussain sagar


I strolled additionally down intersection evening walkers and joggers who were doing their constitutionals. I saw a tall unshaven young fellow who was doing head remains on the garden. A few places in the grass, I could see white egrets, moving solo or in gatherings. They were by all accounts devouring the creepy crawlies in the grass. To my left side, I could see the waters of the lake. Truth be told, Sanjeevaiah stop resembles a little promontory, a little land mass jutting into the water body. I needed to cross the recreation center totally to arrive at the end where my goal for the evening was.
At long last I went to a place where there was an exceptionally wide iron door. Behind the entryway, was a huge delivery holder painted green, with a few notices and pictures stuck on its divider. It reported– ‘The Yacht Club of Hyderabad‘.I went inside the door and to the front of the holder and afterward found that the compartment was in certainty a make move locker room. A tight piece of land stretched out before it, the distance till a little solid watch tower. There were yachts and vessels of different shapes that were stacked on the strip. I could get an awesome perspective of the Hussain Sagar lake from that point. Many water flying creatures were gently skimming in the water. There was a solid breeze and the air was exceptionally quiet. There were a few people kayaking and some other processing around. I was envisioning a decent affair! Additionally down the strip, there were 2 men who were situated on white plastic seats. They had a white plastic table before them with a few papers on it. I checked in with them. They gave me a direction and disclaimer sheet to peruse and sign. They inquired as to whether I was a swimmer or non-swimmer and gave me a red hand band

as a non-swimmer to put on and a sustenance token.

Kayaking at hussain sagar


They told the locker room is behind and requested that I change into shorts and expel my shoes. Back in the locker room, I reserved my telephone, wallet, auto keys, sack, changed into shorts and strolled back close to the wharf. There was an educator who helped me put on the security life coat. You need to wear it as an ordinary coat and zip it in front. There is a thigh and a chest strap which must be affixed. It was tight at first, yet then he helped me release it and make it an agreeable fit. I learnt that the coat can bolster weight up to 130 Kg. It was by all accounts loaded with some light material like froth which expanded the volume. I groped built. This I figure chips away at the Archimedes standard uprooting more weight of water than its own weight, along these lines keeping it coasting.
Kayaking-Hussain sagar-Hyderabad


Having worn the coat, we were told on the different parts of the paddle and the kayak. I don’t recall every one of the names. Yet, the basic thing was that there is a check in the oar which you need to have in your correct hand. They disclosed to us how to hold it and how to paddle, how to move, and so forth. At that point, we were advised how to sit in the kayak. They were long triyaks, which means it could hold 3 individuals. Each of them had a mentor and 2 different learners. The mentor sat in the back. I should sit in the center. It was a touch of an ordeal getting into the Kayak. The kayak was bit temperamental in the water and once you put your feet, it felt as though it would topple. Along these lines, one must be somewhat cautious while going in. The teacher enable individuals to get in. Since I sat in the front in my next round, I felt that sitting in the front is more agreeable than in the back. There is more leg space in front. In the back, you need to keep the legs raised high on the sides of the front rower. This makes it an awkward position for the uninitiated. When you sit serenely, they will give you the oars. The mentor sitting at the back will yell orders, left, left, left, right, left, right. This implies you need to paddle on that side. It is vital to synchronize between the three. So essentially, the principal rower must be taken after. Once more, in the event that you sit in the front, it is less demanding as you don’t need to tail anybody however others tail you. While sitting in the center, I was over and over told by my mentor that I was not following the first. Since we needed to paddle hard, I didn’t have room schedule-wise to take a gander at the territory of the lake. I was concentrating on the oars. Despite the fact that I had some dread before going into it, I didn’t really felt anxious.
Kayaking-Hussain sagar


At any rate, we went to a blue stamp in the lake around 125 meters from the breakwater. There he disclosed to us how to pivot. On the off chance that you need to turn right, you need to paddle on the left just and the other way around. Once more, we paddled hard and returned towards the breakwater. My thighs began getting to be noticeably sore by being in the awkward position. My accomplice was extremely enthused and needed to go for another round. I likewise concurred and we went for the second round. When we returned back to the breakwater, I was drained! More than that, I was feeling exceptionally parched. I more likely than not been in water for a most extreme of 20 minutes by at that point. Along these lines, I landed and took rest.
Kayaking at hussain sagar


All of a sudden, I saw someone else coming towards me completely doused. After inquisitive, I found that their kayak upset and he was protected. I took some rest, had water and again went into another kayak. This time I sit in front. It was very agreeable. Truth be told, while sitting in center I thought the individual at front should see the whole lake and that would be frightening. Be that as it may, it was really not really. We kayaked for some separation and afterward I felt my accomplice who was roosted in the center not paddling. I asked him what happened. He said back torment and he surrendered. Thus, I and the mentor, the two of us paddled back to the breakwater.
I appreciated while paddling this time. I had learnt the trap. I realized that you need to put the entire oar inside the water and draw it energetically, left side and after that correct side. It was incredible to move in the water this way. The water was sprinkling and wet my legs and some all over. Be that as it may, that was alright.
Back at the wharf, the breakfast was prepared. Hot idli, chutney and sambhar were served to all. After all the diligent work, it was tasty. It was around 6.30 an It had the 4 pieces that were served. That taken after by some tea.
Kayaking at hussain sagar
I met Suheim Sheik, the originator of the Yacht club. He clarified every one of the exercises that they do there including supporting under advantaged youngsters pick up cruising. There were many cruising and kayaking course that they advertised. He said this was a costly game yet it is a compensating one. Furthermore, according to him, Hyderabad yacht club is one of the best in the nation.
Kayaking-Hussain sagar
That was the finish of my experience! Amazing, what a day it was! At that point there was a cruising offer utilizing sail vessels. In spite of the fact that I needed to attempt that, I was not conveying enough cash. In any case, it had as of now been a wonderful ordeal and I didn’t need an over-burden of enterprise for one day. It was awesome fun and exercise. This will stay as a decent memory with me. I would prescribe all of you to spend no less than one of your end of the week evening giving this a shot. You will feel invigorated, vivacious and win some gloating rights!

What’s more, the cruising will be done some other day, without a doubt.

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