Generate leads using organic media is a tough task hence many companies and individuals depend on paid campaigns to generate leads. There are different platforms available in the market to reach our target audience in the digital world. Following are the best platforms to reach the target audience.


1)Facebook and Instagram lead generation campaign
2)Google ads lead campaigns through lead forms
3)LinkedIn sales navigator
Facebook Lead Campaign: Facebook leads are the best leads that more likely to convert and give more return on investment. We can reach the exact audience who has an interest in our business through targeting options.
Requirements: Facebook account and Facebook ad manager account
1)Go to Facebook ads manager and create a new campaign
2)Select Lead Generation as the campaign objective


3)After setting up the campaign click on next and moved ad group level to the next step. Choose instant forms as an option.


4)In the next ad level, create a form and give the required details and submit it along with the campaign

Once the campaign is set up and it goes to Facebook review. After a successful review, you will start getting leads from the campaign. One can download leads from the lead center from the respective Facebook page ad center tab.


Google ads Lead campaign: Google leads campaign provides a form to generate leads through in-house forms from various campaign types like search, display, and other campaigns.
1)Create a new campaign
2)Choose a goal as a leads
3)In this process of setting up a campaign, you will get the option to create lead form extensions. Choose lead form extension and create your new form with name, description, and other required fields.


4)It is added as an extension to that campaign and automatically collects leads. We can export leads to our own CRM or download them as a CSV file by going to the extensions option in the left bar in google ads manager.
LinkedIn Sales Navigator: This platform is more useful for B2B type businesses to collect the contacts of other business key decision-makers.