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Productivity Tools 👾

  1. Notion

Description: A versatile workspace tool for notetaking, project management, and collaboration.

  1. Wand

Description: A tool that enhances creativity and collaboration by providing a platform for brainstorming and ideation.

  1. Mem

Description: An AIpowered notetaking tool designed to help users organize and retrieve information efficiently.

  1. Motion

Description: A productivity tool that assists in creating visually appealing and interactive presentations.

AI Bot 🤖

  1. Microsoft Copilot

Description: An AIpowered code completion tool that assists developers in writing code faster.

  1. Character.AI

Description: A platform that uses AI to generate creative content, particularly useful for writers and content creators.

  1. Perplexity

Description: An AI tool focused on natural language understanding, helping improve communication and language processing.

  1. AI at Meta

Description: Meta’s AI platform that incorporates various AI technologies for diverse applications.

Coding 💻

  1. GitHub Copilot

Description: A collaborative coding assistant using AI, developed by GitHub and OpenAI.

  1. Divi AI

Description: AI tool for web development, assisting in creating and optimizing websites.

  1. Tabnine

Description: An AIpowered autocompletion tool designed for coding, making development faster and more efficient.

  1. Amazon Code Whisperer

Description: An AI tool by Amazon designed to aid developers in writing and optimizing code.

Slides and Design 🗒

  1. Gamma

Description: A tool for creating visually appealing slides and presentations.

  1. Simplified

Description: A platform for creating engaging and simplified presentations.

  1. Slides Ai

Description: An AIpowered tool for creating and designing slides and presentations.


Description: A design tool that uses AI to help users create beautiful and professionallooking presentations.

Image 📸

  1. DALL·E

Description: An AI model by OpenAI that generates images from textual descriptions.


  1. Midjourney

Description: An AIpowered image creation tool focused on artistic expression.


  1. DreamStudio

Description: An AI tool for creating dreamlike and imaginative images.

  1. Adobe Firefly

Description: An Adobe product utilizing AI for image editing and design.

Meeting and Collaboration 👥

  1. Krisp

Description: Noisecanceling AI for enhancing audio quality during virtual meetings.

  1. Airgram

Description: A platform for AIpowered messaging and collaboration.


Description: An AI assistant for notetaking and transcription during meetings.

  1. AI Meeting Recorder

Description: AIpowered meeting recorder that summarizes key points and action items.

Sales 🆙

  1. Regie Ai

Description: AI tool for sales teams, assisting in lead generation and sales automation.

  1. Avoma

Description: An AI platform designed to improve sales productivity and communication.

  1. Postaga

Description: AI tool for outreach and linkbuilding in digital marketing.

  1. Clay

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