Co-WIN (COVID Vaccine Intelligence Network) is an Indian digital platform developed by the Government of India for real-time monitoring of COVID-19 vaccine delivery. The portal provides a unique platform for the citizens to register themselves for the COVID-19 vaccination. It also provides the citizens with an option of scheduling an appointment for vaccination at the nearest vaccination center. The citizens can also use the Co-WIN portal to check their vaccination status and download their covid vaccination certificate once they have been vaccinated. The Co-WIN portal is accessible via web and mobile app.

The Co-WIN portal has several key features, including:

Online registration: Citizens can register for the COVID-19 vaccine on the portal and schedule an appointment for vaccination at a nearby center.

Vaccination status tracking: Citizens can check their vaccination status on the portal and see when their next dose is due.

Digital certificate: Citizens can download a digital copy of their vaccination certificate once they have been vaccinated.

Real-time monitoring: The portal provides real-time monitoring of vaccine delivery and helps in efficient planning and management of vaccination programs.

SMS alerts: Citizens can opt-in to receive SMS alerts regarding their vaccination schedule and status.

User friendly interface: The portal is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Multi-lingual support: The portal supports multiple languages, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Appointment booking by QR code: Citizens can book their appointment by scanning QR code at the vaccination Centre.

Reports and Dashboards: The portal provides various Reports and Dashboards for monitoring and tracking the vaccination status at the National, State, District and Session site level.

How to download Covid certificate:

In India, to download a covid vaccination certificate, you will need to first get vaccinated at a government or private healthcare facility. After getting vaccinated, the facility will provide you with a paper copy of your vaccination certificate. If you would like to download a digital copy of your vaccination certificate, you can do so through the Co-WIN portal ( To access the portal, you will need to register on the website and then log in using your mobile number. Once logged in, you can download a copy of your vaccination certificate in PDF format.

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