GoFundme helps to raise money for a charitable trust and nonprofit able organizations. Though it is popular, it is very costly to invite individuals on a one-on-one basis. The Procedure has to be widened in order for it to be more effectual and this is also highly unsafe for inexperienced fundraisers.


iSignFund is very popular and known to many people and won’t question the authenticity of a fundraiser, which might happen in other unknown Crowd funding sites. It is very easy for an individual to create a personalized campaign where pictures and updates can be uploaded. iSignFund does not charge any money for conducting free online surveys to raise contributions. iSignFund sends their donors online surveys and asks for feedback and thoughts which gives us useful information on the reason behind their Donation. Our entire fundraising team involves in working hard to carry out all the activities which are required to respond properly to all the donors.
iSignFund is Free “0%” Platform Fee. Compare to our competitors at 5%. It is a unique Petition + Fundraising platform that pay you and your friends for helping others to fundraise for personal, Charity and business needs. Rewards up to $500 in total for both referrer n fundraiser for EACH successful fundraising. Please share your link after Register in IsignFund. IsignFund also has more incentives even in BITCOIN world. So don’t miss on registering.


Indiegogo provides you with a widespread network for fundraising movement, and you will also be able to receive useful feedback from large foundations which will study your charitable requests, but it proved unsuccessful to influence many people.


Kickstarter allows you to generate and handle fundraisers for nonprofits of any range and individuals and is also one of the source for raising money for charities. But funding which you receive from them is usually a lot smaller.


FunderHut accepts fundraisers for nonprofits as well as individual causes. It works on mobile devices and computers to make statistics simple to understand who’s is donating how much. But asks for the authenticity of a fundraiser and it is very difficult to conduct survey in this.


Change helps to create online petition is a straightforward and influential method for your present or prospective supporters to understand your goals in a better way. Online petition is not safe all the times.

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