Are you website or blog holder? then you can earn  money by monetizing your website traffic.

         1) you have to a website or blog to place an advertisement (you can share referral links also).
         2)Register with Amazon Associates programme by providing all details
         3)Wait one or two days from approval from Amazon

         4)once you get approved then you can post amazon Adds in your site.

         5)they have no of option in style of advertising example:Banner ads, referral links,Text ads etc…

How to place ads into blogger:
          1)Go to Layout option in your blogger dashboard
          2)Then you can select add widget/gadget option from header or footer or body where you want               place your ad in your blog.
          3)Then add Html/Javascript into your blog

          4)Then Open Amazon associates in another window.

          5)Login into your account
          6)Search type of product you want to publish.
          7)After getting that product click on Get Link option where you can find HTML code
          8)Copy that code and paste it in Html/Javascript Widget ( Step 3)
          9)Then save the arrangements. That’s it.

Some peoples have doubt that can i earn income from foreign purchases made from my ads:

At this time, the Associates program for,,,,,,, and sites are completely separate. Each site requires a separate application, and you will have a different ID for each.

In addition, links formatted for one program will not be able to earn you commission on other sites.

We do believe, however, that it often makes sense to participate in multiple programs.

Here you will find a complete description of each associates program:

However our affiliate links are accessible throughout the world and if any one clicks on it they will be redirected to and any order placed using the same will earn you referral fee in INR.

I hope this information helps.


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