What is crypto currency and how to invest in it in India?

Crypto currency is a virtual currency that is equal to physical currency in many countries where crypto is authorized by their regulatory bodies and legal. It works on Block Chain technology which more powerful and secured and nonhuman intervention network. Under block chain technology buy and sell happen with in fraction of seconds and accounts will set off without any delay with powerful servers.

Countries, where crypto is legal, are Denmark, France, Germany , Iceland, Japan , Mexico , Spain , the UK, Australia,  European Union , Unite States, Canada. As per news from various famous news channels India going to ban all private cryptocurrencies. Indian government still has not announced a clear decision on crypto currency ban in India.

Crypto is booming as same as other business. Cryptocurrency platforms comes into the market and allow investors to buy and sell crypto currency. The GOVT will move a bill to setting up rules for Crypto aimed at remove private coin while providing a platform for the creation of an official digital currency to be issued by the RBI.

Platforms Available to buy and sell crypto in India: 

1)Wazirx : A great platform with full multifactor authentication security to buy and sell cryptocurrency. 

2)Bitbns : It is also a new and fast-growing platform to invest safely.

3)CoinDCX : It is also a safe and easy user interface platform for any once can invest. It has 1+ Crore investors.

The above three are the top platform now in India to buy and sell crypto currencies.

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What is crypto currency and how to invest in it in India?
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