Win an amazing 2 week trip to Thailand with friend

6 prizes with 6 winners and their partners will get a free trip to Thailand. Join us and tag a friend to Choose favourite sense to win a trip to Thailand. Only 6 winners and their partners will be selected by the jury to experience Local Thai and participate in several activities in Thailand relating to the 6 aforementioned topics with free of charge through all the programs
                                  Incredible thailand
                                                      Pic credits:TAT             
  • You are at least 20, but not more than 45 years of age
  • You have at least 2 social media accounts
  • Must have valid passport

1)Receive a free round trip airline ticket of Thai Airways International between Bangkok and                                    your country of departure.
2)Receive meal, transportation and accommodation
3)Receive accident insurance coverage during the stay in Thailand

Contest period:1 August 2017 and lasts until 31 August 2017

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Win an amazing 2 week trip to Thailand with friend
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