Fully funded trip to COP23


Wow! Don't miss the chance to attend COP 23 and working as intern in that conference .

Atmosphere Tracker is propelling its COP23 opportunity, and it is stacked with circumstances and prizes for Trackers from wherever on the planet!

With the consenting to of the Paris Arrangement just about two years behind us, the time has come to venture up our amusement. The Renewable Energy Transition is relentless! Regardless of the possibility that Trump needs to haul out of the Paris Agreement, now he needs Solar Panels on Border Wall.

Around the globe, Renewable vitality is driving greater changes than we have found in eras, and the weight is on for nations to take their moves much further. The message is clear now, Trump is disengaged and it doesn't make a difference where you're from; it's a great opportunity to consider your responsibilities regarding Climate Change important.

In the event that you need to be a piece of this extraordinary move, it's an ideal opportunity to raise your voice, and join our chance for a FULLY FUNDED outing to COP23, in Germany in November.


1. Who can apply?

We support youthful journalists from around the globe (like yourself) to enable us to compose rousing stories and to distribute them in media, and we will compensate you five with a spot to COP 23 in Germany!

2. What do I need to expound on?

We will have 3 distributing windows, amid which you should compose no less than 1 article about a particular theme. You should compose no less than one article on every point to be qualified for our prizes. That implies no less than 3 articles altogether:

Point 1 (1July - 31 July): The Clean Energy Revolution

Amid the principal distributing window, we urge you to: (1) depict the significance of, and the open doors for, clean vitality in your nation or locale; (2) clarify how the petroleum derivative industry is impactsly affecting environmental change, jeopardizing a great many individuals, and (3) get out for a higher aspiration in executing the well-in progress clean vitality unrest.

Subject 2 (1Aug - 31 Aug): Supporting Climate Finance

To guarantee the prosperity of future social orders and to accomplish the atmosphere objectives that have been set, we need to put resources into what's to come. It's a great opportunity to assume up liability and ensure where our atmosphere cash is going.

Subject 3 (1 Sep - 30 Sept): Climate and wellbeing

Environmental change is affecting every single one of us on an exceptionally individual level that a large number of us don't understand, to be specific our wellbeing. With atmosphere activity, we have the opportunity to spare a large number of lives.

To begin on the primary subject, and get some motivation on how and what to compose, we will be sending you a toolbox when you join to the opposition.

By composing on these subjects, you're qualified to win a spot on our group at COP23 in Bonn. We will be covering your flight, convenience, section into the COP and direction by the Climate Tracker group. Different costs to win incorporate internet composing partnerships, for which you get a stipend and individual direction from Climate Tracker to expound on environmental change issues in your district.

3. What is a distributing window?

A distributing window is the time you need to distribute a specific measure of articles about a specific subject. The first distributing time for this battle is from the first of July to the 31st of July.

4. Where do I distribute my article?

You need to discover a news webpage, blog, daily paper, magazine... willing to distribute your article. It can be at a national, local, neighborhood or worldwide level. Go for the one with best effort, and keep away from fake news sites.

On the off chance that you never distributed, we are here to help you! Check the "Connections and Resources" area underneath, and don't hesitate to reach us for offer assistance.

5. Would i be able to utilize different arrangements beside composing?

Yes, you can likewise send us a photo arrangement (as long as you distributed it some place), video (transfer your video it in youtube and send us the connection, or radio (in the event that you send us the connection of the radio program where you showed up and a transcript of your intercession).

6. In which dialect would i be able to distribute my article?

You can distribute in any dialect you incline toward. You can pick contingent upon which group of onlookers you need to reach and why.

7. Am I qualified to apply?

Members from all nations are qualified for our #RaiseUParis opportunity.

We do have one exceptional arrangement of Countries, and we will DEFINITELY SELECT no less than ONE PERSON from the accompanying Countries:

Indonesia | The Philippines | India | Ethiopia | Nigeria | Egypt | Bangladesh | Peru | Pakistan | Turkey

In any case, we have 4 different spots accessible for anybody on the planet!

9. What is a composition partnership?

In the wake of presenting your articles, you are qualified to win a composition association with us. Composing colleagues are paid to convey a specific measure of articles about specific subjects. They likewise get customized preparing by Climate Tracker and get help in refining their distributing aptitudes. It is an astounding chance to develop as an author and to work together with the Climate Tracker group.

10. By what means will the Trackers be chosen?

The best scholars will be picked among the candidates by investigating their effort and composing aptitudes. You can check our rating framework for articles here. Authors with the best broad score make an opportunity to one of 5 completely financed cooperations to go along with us at COP23 in Bonn, Germany, in November.

For application click here

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Fully funded trip to COP23
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