Influencer Marketing Tutorial (Earn Online from home)

Recent times influencer marketing is trending in social media and internet in India.As It name indicates person who influence the people's through his Facebook shares,Twitter tweets,getting likes for brand shining and make buzz in social media.

Influencer marketing

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 I worked as influencer for third party website i.e brandchamp where various brands can register and through this website various influencers register in it to work.It act as mediator to brand and influencer like me.They prefixed for price for every tweet we do as per their pre instructed schedule.We can view our Twitter Tweets  in their website once we get into login section.Influencer must use their prefixed hashtag for every tweet to consider as an entry.
 Brand champ update you for every campaign once you completed registration on their site.Like below image and you have to ready on that particular day to participate campaign

    Brandchamp influencer marketing campaigns
sample message for campaign details

You can also connect with brands directly without any third party intervention but i have been working as influencer for brands thru Brandchamp website.

Minimum requirements:

1)More than 500 followers in twitter
2)Regular twitter presence and tweeting

Higher the social media , higher the chances of success in influencer marketing

To Register in brandchamp click here

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Influencer Marketing Tutorial (Earn Online from home)
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