Are you worrying about hair fall

                     Hair Fall Remedies

I am so happy to share my personal experiences with you because I want to help you here for those who are facing hair fall problems but remember it needs perseverance.Without continuous efforts we can't reach our goal in life and same as without continuous efforts we can't make six packs on our belly.All you need is perseverance and some lit bit efforts.Here I want to mention one quote I read some where else "You should get success may not now but definitely"

hair fall remedies
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  • I have been applying  onion juice for 6 months.It find some  positive results.Apply onions juice on hair where there is no hair and follows this regularly atleast weekly once.After few days you can see some hair.I personally experienced it.
                   1)Take one onion and juice it 
                   2)Apply on hair where there is no hair
                   3)keep it on hair atleast half an hour then washed it off 
          Remember keep this process continuous and definitely you will get positive results

  • Now I am explaining another tip but I haven't been followed it yet but I will try this.I read about this somewhere else.
                    1)Take curry leaves and boiled it in drinking water.
                    2)After water get boiled and filter the water from leaves.
                    3)Add a tea spoon salt and have that water 
         Follow above steps continuously.It helps for not only hair growth but also for  healthy.
         The above process is only read article only some where else but I haven't tried it yet.

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Are you worrying about hair fall
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