#AadhaarMakesItEasy write a story contest

              Aadhaar Makes It Easy Contest

Aadhaar touches every one's life. UIDIA come up with exciting contest where you can win big cash

prizes(20000 for 5 top entries and 5000 for next top 10 entries).
 Aadhaar Makes It Easy

How to participate:

  • You need to write a #AadhaarMakesItEasy story of yours or some one you know's life.
  • Stories can only be uploaded as a Microsoft Word document  OR in PDF format  OR Link to a published blog article (publishing date should be after contest start date and before contest end-date)
  • The Contest is open to the residents of India only.Non-Aadhaar holders are not eligible to participate.
  • Deadline:August 8, 2017 
  • A private message on Facebook/Twitter OR Email to media.division@uidai.net.in
  • Word limit for the article is between 200 to 500 words.   
For full details please visit here

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#AadhaarMakesItEasy write a story contest
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